Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Lure of the New and the Unobtainable

After my post recently I was thinking about how much I really admire other people's work, and thus sometimes think I wish I could "take that" or "travel there" and do spend a fair time looking at photography on the web, time which could possibly spent on something else.

Looking at equipment seems to be a photography passion for a lot of us, judging by the "pixel peeper" websites, with quite vehement comments about this lens or that camera, most of which is probably hot air, people not really buying kit. In the end the location, time of day, eye behind the camera& technical skills are the requirements for good images.

So, where does that lead me on my ramble, I thought maybe I should look at what is in the archives, so to speak, as a way of keeping creative energy and confidence levels up. More advanced processing can help these old "takes" come to life, though I believe a bad photo can never be improved, however sophisticated the editing.

Every photographer works in a different way, and sees the world slightly differently, but the goal is the same,
to produce memorable pictures that mean something to us, and hopefully others too.

Lightroom 5 has made an immense difference in identifying and editing my catalogue, which has countless files I have to delete, old events and the like, but some remain if they escape from the "Record" shot category, into something a bit more meaningful.

I am glad I upgraded the Ram in my pc to 16gb, it helps run the programmes more rapidly, although I was a little tentative about opening up the box. Crucial Memory provide a good analysis of what is needed.

Naturally would love a "Mac".