Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Doncaster Days - An Urban Exploration ?

Like many photographers I am trying to find new ways of looking at what I photograph, and ways of expressing those subjects. This trial and error approach produces some results I like, and certainly is a lesson in post processing, which I argue with myself about, is the effect more important than the subject matter. Filters and presets put a whole world of possibilities in front of you, and there is an element of "Rightness" in choosing the final edit.

I was supposed to be photographing a Blues Festival, but this was sadly cancelled,and as the train and hotel was booked, I decided to go. Arriving in Doncaster Sunday afternoon, it was really quiet, and I decided to have a wander before booking in at the Premier Inn (Good stay there). I had found the CAST arts building online and headed for that, taking in other streets on the way.

Monday morning, breakfast and then  the same thing until my train left at 12 0'clock, an enormous East Coast train, well filled with passengers.

Dull light presented some interesting problems and I had decided to try a few new approaches, takeing a wider view on the city, mostly architecture, little street. Some of the results are here .....

Doncaster Images

Colour v Monochrome

It is a strange fact that we often use our wonderful colour capable cameras to produce monochrome images. Street photography is most commonly a monochrome subject, which I agree with, as the essence of the photograph is often more apparent with this, with distracting colour removed. People shots often look more powerful in mono, and often classic architecture is shown in a monochrome form, the absence of colour can make for a more artistic portrayal of the shape and form of buildings.

Working on that basis, I have edited a few shots, with both colour and mono featured to see how they look.

Staircase detail, South Bank.

Internal Staircase, National Theatre

London Street Window

Stool, Table and Chair

White Corridor, Somerset House

Flat Out

The Shed & National Theatre

Architecture Mix, London

Looking Up

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Where do I go from here ?


I have come to the conclusion that I enjoy taking pictures, going to exhibitions, reading and looking at other people's work, and neglect the possible treasure trove I have on my hard drives, and spending time on the above precludes me from processing and finishing a body of work (I love that phrase, always reading it.

So no excuses I have to get the work done, or else the effort and cost has no end product. I have started a portfolio site on 500px, with quite a pacy design, which is used for my selected work, over my favourite genres.

That is here   My Portfolio

And so I am back in the flow I picked a random folder and spent a few minutes on some shots from London.
The South Bank is a constant source of images for me, and I notice different things on every visit.
Yep, I Look Good

National Theatre

Side View of Ballet Rambert HQ

NT again

The Shed

Stairs and a Wall

Sir Denys Lasdun's National Theatre