Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Yoruba Arts Festival 2013

Yoruba Arts Festival is a boutique cultural festival in Hackney's Clissold Park, and this is my 4th visit there, as part of my volunteer Festival work, seeing some great people, hearing some fine music, and basically having a good time.
Saturday was spoilt by rain and other factors, but the sun shone for us on Sunday. These are a few of my favourite shots, one takes a lot at music festivals, just to get the right expression, microphone clear of face, and lighting right, also I try to get a clear background.

I seem to prefer monochrone for music and dance, but some acts are so colourful they have to be in colour. The technique of blur and sharpness I like, but is a bit hit and miss, sometimes a 30th sec is okay, sometimes too slow, depending on the speed of action, and lens distance, just has to be experimented with.
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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

More from London,

Another random batch, finding some new things, which in some cases work reasonably well.

White Spaces Series

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

London - More Shots per mile.

Two fashionistas at Granary Square, just a shot that I HAD to take, once I noticed the hats.

Have to have at least one like this on every visit.
Sometimes have to be in the right place for that moment, is he doing a crossword, looking at the horses or something else.
Building along the Embankment, giving a colour and monochrome alternative.
Shadows and form fascinate me in architecture.

Paternoster Square in the City, would love that penthouse on the right.

A familiar sight, I saw the cross on the new Salvation Army building, and liked the composition.
I wondered about that metal clad construction.
Shadows and form again at the National Theatre area.

 I am playing around with Gallery interiors, using the building itself as a source for images, obviously "messing around" with Photoshop, but I like the results.
More Gallery interior, Tate Modern window reflection.

Backstreets have a fascination for me, such a hotchpotch of building facades.

National Theatre, I do love concrete structures.

Art at the Tate, I liked the shadows forming more shapes. 
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