Monday, 23 September 2019

Another Look at Architecture

I have always had a fondness for Architecture, particularly Modern , and have made trips based upon a particular  building or location, appreciating the architect's work. I have found Cultural and Educational sectors have the most inventive designs, so they make a significant statement.

Documenting these has given me immense pleasure, looking at exterior and interior features, and now I have found that I do not always take a literal approach, making them a source for an expressive image. This sometimes works and featured here are a few examples. 

Sunday, 9 June 2019

End of Year Report

Lots of things fall by the wayside as one gets older, "The can't be a***d syndrome, the need to get more sleep in my case, travelling more of an issue by bus or train, and as far as "Photography" goes a desire to actually make the effort.

However, I feel that although fewer actual shoots have taken place this past year, I think some boundaries have been broken, in that I am more adventurous in technique, and have tried to make these days count, with a clearer idea of what I want to see through the viewfinder., and how I want the finished image to look.

My Blog has taken a back seat, although I have utilised Facebook quite a bit, reaching out with different formats and ideas, but have lately felt the desire to check the Timelines can be rather too addictive, and have had a Facebook Fast recently.

Lightroom usage has played a big part over the last few years, ending up with a lot of superfluous images, so a massive culling has been required, and still continues. The continuous shutter setting has a lot to answer for, as Gig Photography needs it, so as to get a decent shot despite variable lighting and motion.

In the quest for new avenues, I have been doing things differently, getting involved with more local opportunities, and have had a lot of enjoyment from them, different challenges stretching me a bit.

My website I treat as an archive really, with way too many images for general viewing, although the events themselves enjoy the choices, I think. My immediate need is to get a Portfolio section together, so as to trawl for more opportunities in the next year.

Photography can be addictive, and get three photographers together results in hours of discussion, I find.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

A Hall For Hull

I read of an installation by Chile-based architects Pezo von Ellrichshausen who have collaborated with Swiss artist Felice Varini to create Hall for Hull, a beautiful assembly which aims to respond to the historic heart of Hull. The scale is brilliant against the Hull Minster, which is also being renovated.

Together with Trois Points de Vue – a joint commission from The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and Hull UK City of Culture 2017 – the monumental temporary installation has transformed Trinity Square with sixteen galvanized 6m high galvanized steel columns arranged in a grid formation in front of Hull Minster to form a new outdoor ‘room’ for the city.

The Mirror Pools, which are permanent, added to the impact, I saw loads of people photographing the reflections and patterns.

 My immediate reaction to the artist's impression was I must go to visit, so duly booked the excellent Ibis Hull Centre, and after 3 train journeys, arrived about midday, with actually pretty good weather.

Have been before the City Of Culture activities this year, so knew the city a bit, quickly walked up to Trinity Square, and was really excited by what I saw. Commendation must go to the designers and indeed the guys who manufactured the columns, wonder where they will end up, would definitely have one in my garden !

The White Curves and Squares created deliberate views when in the correct positions, with 3 views.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

A Hurry Around Holland Park Japanese Gardens

Went to see the California Exhibition at the new Design Museum (disappointing) and thought a quick look at Holland Park's Japanese Gardens a good idea, brilliant sunny afternoon, which as we photographers know is very contrasty, not so good for landscape shots.

In Holland Park there are two Japanese gardens, one close to the other: the Kyoto garden and the Fukushima garden.

Kyoto garden was a cooperative project between the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce in Japan. It was built in 1992 to celebrate the Japan Festival in London.  A waterfall and a pond are the key points of the garden; all around there are different type of trees, including several maple trees, a few stone lanterns ishi-dōrō 石灯籠, and a tsukubai つくばい. The pond, with koi, is crossed by a bridge (in cement) and selected rocks are placed in the pond and along the shore.

Fukushima garden, inaugurated in 2012, was built to commemorate the support of the British people to the Japanese people following the natural disaster occurred on March 11, 2011. It is almost an empty space, covered by a green lawn on which a few rocks and a lantern are carefully placed. The landscape of the garden gives the feeling of emptiness left by the tsunami.

The statue is Walking Man by Sean Henry, who specialises in these human figures in a landscape.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Black and White Plus Shades of Grey

A lot of subjects I see as quite graphic and like to process as monochrome, to use that definition, as they impact better to me. This view changes from scene to scene, obviously, I like to have blocks of colour as well. Processed in the main in Lightroom, which has an abundance of adjustments.

This is a random selection from my library, all I think quite good, but I cannot be objective enough with them to differentiate sometimes, so much harder with my own stuff. Different genres of course.

Monday, 11 September 2017

A Little Loiter in London pre concert

Last Saturday I fulfilled one of my wishes, to see Penguin Cafe live, and they did not disappoint, proving to be an accomplished band indeed, playing a couple of my favourites too, Music For A Found Harmonium, Perpetuum Mobile, preceded by the very excellent Peter Broderick and Friends.

Prior to that I walked down from Leicester Square to Southbank Centre, taking in the sunshine and taking some shots. Not a fully fledged photo trip so just used Olympus M1 and Panasonic 35-100 , which was the wrong choice, should have selected 12-40. Also a final try with an old Fuji X-A1, plus 18mmf2 lens, disappointing results, so will part with.

A range of shots, but found myself not quite "in the zone", having to flaff around with Oyster Card and renew, which took ages to sort.

Anyway, tried some detail shots around National Theatre and a few on the way. My focus was on dress modes, we are so casual compared with smartness of previous generations, my grandfather never went out without suit, tie and headgear. Not wrong, just different. And the special outfits for groups on a day out, we just wear cameras.

Few different looks for the National Theatre, beautiful clouds there. The lady with the glass looked so sad, I wondered why. The Trio I liked, and the 4 friends in a line. Moments in lives. As usual red features a lot. Skateboarder needed lots of shots to get even one !