Saturday, 29 August 2015

Definitely Something Old

As mentioned before, rummaging through my archive, and came up with this set today. Now, not my genre, old cars, but millions are interested in cars, old and new, Jeremy Clarkson has made millions from them, but I wanted to show them, as they illustrate one man's passion, and how our world is very fickle.

In 2005 I visited the Stondon Motor Museum, where literally hundreds of vehicles were displayed, in a very cramped environment, but each one given a secure home.

These are the shots from that visit, taken with a Canon 350D, and I make no apologies for the lack of photographic niceties, just a record of the day, but some beautiful vehicles here.

When I spotted these, I thought, ahhh, a return visit in order, but sadly it closed in April this year