Sunday, 26 February 2017

Magical Day in February

Decided I should do some "ME" photography rather than my usual Ballet & Jazz shoots, which meant a trip to London, with the intention of visiting a couple of Galleries, and a walk around.

So the trip started with a cycle ride to Meldreth Station, and the 10.11 train to Kings Cross, armed with my Kindle Fire , earphones, camera (Olympus M1 with the magic 12-40 f2.8 lens), flask of coffee and a snack. The Olympus M1 has become my favourite camera of all, with the IS, and other features making it a comprehensive "all rounder".

Bus from Kings Cross, I find they are slow but do have time to look around, and are Bus Pass free of course, travelling to City Wharf Basin, where there are some very interesting (to me) new buildings.

The exhibitions were worth visiting, Caruso St John at Bettsproject,  with a sidetrip to Victoria Miro and was delighted to see that the Alex Harvey Folly "A Gentle Collapsing II" was still installed in the Garden, a beautiful reconstruction of a collapsing Modernist Villa. I have tweaked them a tad for my personal take.

The light was great, sun to give everything life...

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